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Mobile Homes Act 1983 becomes law for Council Traveller Sites - finally.

Councils across England who manage Traveller sites, including many with NAGTO members working for them, are busy preparing Written Statements by 27 May for every single current tenant or licensee. The Mobile Homes Act 1983, in a modified form, became law for these sites on 30 April, twenty-eight years after it became law for most other caravan sites.

Many authorities are sharing legal advice over all the implications. For details, email

Localism Bill and Travellers Panel Report: "A Big or Divided Society"
NAGTO gave evidence in February to a Panel considering the implications of the Localism Bill on Gypsy and Traveller site provision. The Panel, managed by the Travellers Aid Trust and funded by the Joseph Rowntree Trust, has just published its final report, at a launch in the Houses of Parliament on 11 May. Worth a read when it appears online. Interim report here.

Affordable Homes Programme - including Traveller Pitches
May 3, 2011, was the closing date for bids by Registered Providers (what were mostly Housing Associations) for their Affordable Homes "offers" for the years 2011 to 2015 inclusive.

For the first time, the programme included "Traveller Pitches".

First bids to be considered are "package bids" for up to whole county areas, which have often meant local authorities linking up with Registered Providers, to pursue much needed social pitches and social housing.

We wait to see how many bids there are, for the £60m available over the four years for pitches, with a maximum cost of £99k per pitch, and the Homes and Communities seeking "value for money" and not funding the whole costs of any site.

NAGTO members have been involved with some of the bids. HCA framework and more details.

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N.A.G.T.O. (the National Association of Gypsy and Traveller Officers) was set up in 1997 to help Local Authority Gypsy Liaison Officers ("GLOs") share knowledge, compare best practice and improve standards of service.

Other professionals dealing with travelling communities, such as Traveller Education, had for some time established associations to work in and feed from. GLO's have often operated alone, and unsupported, in a wide variety of sometimes very difficult situations. Wherever such officers are based - and there are lots of possible Departments and Directorates - they need support and NAGTO is set up to provide that support.

Government used to organise regular national meetings of GLOs. But that all ended in 1994, leaving no natural lines of communication between services, even in neighbouring authorities.

NAGTO seeks to re-establish these, providing a central focus and at the same time harnessing the wide range of expertise these very different scenarios make available to its members and establishing contacts within the wider public arena.

This information is passed on to members through a regular newsletter, regional liaison meetings and topic groups and national events.

The Association has led the way in establishing BTec training in Gypsy Services (formal courses began in 2001) for which it provides tutors and assessors, and is constantly looking at ways in which it can encourage the continued professional development of its members.

So what does NAGTO provide you if you join?